7 июня 2017

Siemens held a strategic session entitled “Digital Railway. Rewards of a Closer Partnership”


On June 7, within the framework of the business program of the 12th International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”, Siemens held the strategic session entitled “Digital Railway. Rewards of a Closer Partnership”, where infrastructure, rolling stock construction, and cyber-safety provision in the digital railway era were the key topics.

The session was attended by Jochen Eickholt, CEO of the Mobility Division of Siemens AG and President of Siemens Russia, Dr. Dietrich Möller, Vice-President of Siemens AG, Johannes Emmelheinz, Head of Customer Service of Siemens AG and others.

Dietrich Möller, moderator of the discussion, believes that the fact that the conference brought together the world leaders in railway technology production shows that we already live in the future where information technology has become an essential part of production. “The world is facing major technological change,” he added.

According to the company’s experts, in addition to increased reliability and costs reduction, digitalization will make the passenger transportation much more comfortable via the use of video surveillance, alerting and assistance systems, broadband Internet access and automated payment collection.

“The railway transport digitalization is one of the most important tasks that need to be solved by the industry in the near future. In Russia, we strive to develop the digital railway strategy in partnership with Russian Railways”, Dietrich Möller noted.

According to Sergey Kobzev, Senior Vice-President of Russian Railways JSC, the creation of smart railways is now a priority project for the company. “What our consumer wants is our top priority. We need to create a passenger-friendly environment,” he said. As an example of such a project, Sergey Kobzev mentioned the launch of the Moscow Central Circle.

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