8 июня 2017

Session “Cargo Transportation. Improving Efficiency for Every Stakeholder”

The session entitled “Cargo Transportation. Improving Efficiency for Every Stakeholder” sponsored by Novotrans freight company was held on June 8.

The speakers discussed such topics as operation of the electronic car exchange and computerization of transportation process, and shared ideas on the optimization of interstate transportation.

“Normally we inform stakeholders on operational results for the past year and introduce proposals for the optimization of the current rail freight market model”, Konstantin Goncharov, President of the Novotrans freight company, said.

According to Irina Olkhovskaya, Deputy CEO for Perspective Development and Work with Federal Authorities of Port Management Company LLC, the growing demand for export coal, actually, results in cargo flows diversification and emergence of the terminals non-adapted for coal reloading.

“The current system of transportation plan approval at the Russian Railways network encourages such diversification, she said. - It is therefore necessary to develop a new Russian Railways’ transportation plan system for the selection of areas, useful for the carrier, with the lowest turnaround time of open freight cars.” According to Irina Olkhovskaya, not only will this approach increase the profitability of the infrastructure owner, but will also lead to more effective use thereof. The new system development can be implemented with the help of digitalization process at the Russian Railways network. “The amounts increase, but the facilities cannot cope,” she added.

In the course of the session, Alexey Shilo, Director for Commercial Activity of Russian Railways JSC and CEO of the Center for Commercial Transport Services, made a presentation on Electronic Trading Platform, a new service of Russian Railways, allowing to order the rolling stock delivery services on the website of Russian Railways JSC. “We simplify the service for our old customers. This product is primarily targeted at low-volume customers – small and medium businesses. The highest appreciation for us is the fact that the platform brings new customers. It shows that we are moving in the right direction,” Alexey Shilo said.

During the session, Sergey Gorsky, Member of the Board of Directors of Rail Commerce, spoke on the RailCommerce car exchange. The platform is targeted at the key players in the freight market: freight owners, car owners and rolling stock operators. The service helps both car operator and owner find a cargo for transportation online, simultaneously loading cars on the desired direction after discharging. “Our service improves pricing transparence and encourages equal access to services for all stakeholders,” Sergey Gorsky said.

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