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Session “Transportation Hubs. From a Railway Platform to a Transport Hub”

June 8 was the time for the session entitled “Transportation Hubs. From a Railway Platform to a Transport Hub” sponsored by the Moscow Metro. The discussion covered the ways of risk minimization and the financial model formation while creating new transport interchange hubs. The panelists stressed the need for equal participation of Russian Railways JSC, investors and Russian regions in the further development of railway station complexes.

Mariya Mikhaylenko, Moderator of the discussion, Partner of the Competence Center “Transport and Infrastructure” of Roland Berger GmbH, said that today Russian railway stations were turning into multi-modal hubs to better connect railway, coach and air transportation.

Vitaly Votolevsky, Head of the Directorate of Railway Stations – Russian Railways’ subsidiary, noted in his speech that even though the history of Russian railway stations came back more than 180 years, the time had come to renovate them. According to him, a well-balanced station of next generation should provide new services, be integrated into the urban environment and develop the retail areas.  “We are moving from architectural landmark railway stations with the sole transportation purpose to the urban infrastructure, that offers to its guests and visitors comfortable multi-functional connection areas, necessary transport services, social and cultural space, commercial products and services, including those not directly related to the trip,” Vitaly Votolevsky said.

In the course of the discussion, Alexander Egorov, Head of Transport Hubs Development Division of Moscow Metro, announced the Moscow Central Circle’s statistics: 70 million passengers have been transported since its launch in September of 2016, and in total, more than 70 million passengers have used the MCC in the past ten months.

“61% are the passengers changing to or from metro, 26% are those changing to/from suburban trains, and 13% are the commuters living in those Moscow districts where were no stations within walking distance before. Now that the MCC is operating, people have actually got such an opportunity,” Alexander Egorov said. The MCC plans to carry 90 million passengers by the end of 2017.

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The General Partner is Russian Railways JSC, the organizer is Business Dialogue LLC.

“Strategic Partnership 1520” is the international business forum aimed to coordinate efforts of players in the Eurasia transport market to create a coherent infrastructure of international transportation corridor, and the most comfortable passenger and cargo transportation environment.

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