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Summary of the 12th International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”

The 12th International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520” closed in Sochi on June 8. The event featured more than 1000 delegates from 24 countries and 300 companies. For the first time the forum was attended by the delegations from India and Cuba. 20 agreements were signed. Some 145 members of the media covered the forum.

Summing up the forums results, Oleg Belozerov, President of Russian Railways JSC, focused on digital technologies, human resources development and logistics. The use of the logistic potential of modes of transport is possible only in their interaction.. “Co-operation gives a better effect than individual advantages. This is most actually when the issues of the whole technological order, rather than individual products, are on the agenda. If we develop the promotion of our complex projects abroad, this will give a serious impetus to each national economy",” Oleg Belozerov said.

Collaboration on the “1520 space” market is an effective tool for entering new markets. Russian Railways is ready to serve Russian companies as integrator in the process of complex projects promotion.

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The General Partner is Russian Railways JSC, the organizer is Business Dialogue LLC.

“Strategic Partnership 1520” is the international business forum aimed to coordinate efforts of players in the Eurasia transport market to create a coherent infrastructure of international transportation corridor, and the most comfortable passenger and cargo transportation environment.

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