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Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) will take part the 12TH International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership with the status “International Strategic Partner”.

Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a world leader in the sphere of electronic and electrical technologies. The concern operates in such areas as industry, energy and healthcare, it also delivers infrastructural solutions, mostly, for cities and big urban conglomerations. For over 165 years Siemens has been the example of technological progress, innovation, quality, reliability and international cooperation.The company is the world’s largest supplier of environmentally friendly  technologies.  In financial year 2016 (as of September, 30), the corporation’s turnover amounted to 79,6 billion Euros, and net profit amounted to 5,6 billion Euros. As of the end of September 2016 Siemens employed about 351 000 people.

Siemens LLC is a head company of Siemens in Russia, Belarus and Central Asia.  In these countries the concern operates in all traditional areas of its activity. About 3000 employees work for Siemens LLC. In financial year 2016 (as of September 30) the turnover was 1,2  billion Euros.

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The General Partner is Russian Railways JSC, the organizer is Business Dialogue LLC.

“Strategic Partnership 1520” is the international business forum aimed to coordinate efforts of players in the Eurasia transport market to create a coherent infrastructure of international transportation corridor, and the most comfortable passenger and cargo transportation environment.

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