Welcome Letters

Йохен Айкхольт, Сименс АГ

Siemens extends a warm welcome to all guests of the International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic partnership! We are very much looking forward to once again meeting with all the members and participants of this year’s 1520 Strategic Partnership Forum at Sochi, this time in a new location!

As a permanent partner of the Forum, Siemens considers it to be an exceptionally welcome and productive opportunity for exploring ways to develop, implement and maintain mutually beneficial strategic partnerships in the 1520 and 1435 areas.

This year we will be discussing cooperations, export capacities, digitalization, reliability, infrastructure development, service, localization and long-term partnerships between operators in the 1520 and 1435 areas. Our goal is to make substantial contributions toward modernizing economies and infrastructure in the 1520 area by providing optimal solutions for making rail transport more efficient and safer as well as more convenient, comfortable and digital.

I anticipate productive discussions and results at the Forum that will pave the way to successful partnerships in future projects!

Dr. Jochen Eickholt
CEO Mobility Division
Siemens AG

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