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PAO NPK “United Wagon Company” sponsors the 1520 Strategic Partnership Forum’s “Rolling-Stock: Looking for Justice” session.

A session entitled “Rolling-Stock: Looking for Justice” sponsored by PAO NPK “United Wagon Company” took place on 3 June in Sochi as part of the 11th International Rail Business Forum 1520 Strategic Partnership. The discussion raised issues related to railway wagon manufacturing and consumption markets. Participants gave an assessment of Russia’s railway wagon fleet and talked about how to improve operators’ service maintenance standards.

Deputy CEO for Technical Development of PAO NPK “United Wagon Company” Dmitry Losev spoke about his company’s integrated approach to servicing railway wagons, which consists in three main phases: preparation for service maintenance and preparation for scheduled and emergency repairs. “Today there’s almost nobody who could set up such a complex but that’s what we should aspire to”, he said.

First Vice President of Russian Railways Anatoly Krasnoschek spoke in detail on the subject of railway wagon operation in Russia. According to him, no shortage of railway wagons, except certain specialised types, is projected until the end of 2017.

The subject of increasing numbers of railway wagon uncouplings to repair malfunctions arising in transit was also raised. Anatoly Krasnoschek noted that the increase was driven by the generally unsatisfactory condition of the rolling stock. That said, Russian Railways is not deriving any additional income from uncoupling railway wagons in transit.

“Our network earned around RUB 17 bn from current repairs of uncoupled rail cars in 2015, while our expenses exceeded RUB 16.5 bn. Yet, if we take expenses not only of our railway wagon operations but the total expenses of Russian Railways, including railway wagon transportation, shunting operations, etc., reached almost RUB 30 bn. We are working on reducing the number of uncouplings and increasing the quality of repairs. Inspections are conducted on a regular basis to check if uncouplings are justified,” Anatoly Krasnoschek said.

Director General of OOO BaltTransService Vladimir Prokofiev stated that transferring the functions of railway wagon repair and maintenance to privately owned repair companies was completely justified: “The maintenance of uncoupled railway wagons is a sore point, and we support transferring this function to railway wagon repair companies. We believe that this might preclude problems with spare parts”.

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