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Evening Events

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of the Welcome Reception

Welcome reception

(5 Chernomorskaya st.)

Arrival of guests: 19:30
Beginning: 20:00
Dress code: smart casual
Transfer starting at 19:15(from the official Forum’s hotels)

Restaurant «CHERNOMORSKAYA 5» on the beachfront, right in the centre of Sochi, is definitely one of the city’s most fascinating projects. It combines several types of premium recreation: a night club, a restaurant and a summer terrace.

On the waves of my memory

From day one in Sochi, we find ourselves immersed in summer, in both geography and time, and that means that we all celebrate 1 June, Children’s Day. We find ourselves among friends and we will remember our childhood and our first ever visit or regular trips to the seaside. To the seaside, where we will join a pioneers’ jamboree, or dance at our first ever discotheque, or see our first romantic seaside sunset.

CHERNOMORSKAYA 5’s legendary chef will throw a beach barbecue with hamburgers, frankfurters, shrimps, Black Sea mussels and jacket potatoes.  

Also, on Children’s Day everybody can participate in a special event held by the Life Line Fund. All the funds collected will go to cover children’s medical treatment.

Let’s make this world a better place together with Freight One!

Pop group Mirage: a legendary group with unforgettable hits, fronted by Margarita Sukhankina.
DJ project S-BROTHER-S: two brothers; ten years’ work experience in Europe. Fashionable music trends and genres, lively and fashionable sounds, expressive on-stage delivery. DJ S-BROTHER-S — must-hear and must-see!

Черноморская 5
Группа «Мираж»
Pop group Mirage
DJ project S-BROTHER-S
DJ project S-BROTHER-S

Evening Reception

Restaurant "D.O.M."
(1a Nesebrskaya st.)

Arrival of guests: 19:30
Beginning: 20:00
Dress code: cocktail
Transfer starting at 19:15 (from the official Forum’s hotels)

Restaurant “D.O.M.” is located in Sochi Seaport’s most gorgeous spot, with an excellent view of yachts and Stalinist architecture. This is an haute cuisine restaurant that amazes its guests with delectable dishes from Stanislav Balaev (brand chef of such Moscow restaurants as Seasons, Forbes and many others).

Chapskaya MUSIC GROUP is a cover band with insane drive. Everything is thought through in the minutest detail: strikingly imaginative stage images; club dance covers of super hits; exclusive music that can pep up any party! Energy! Drive! Style! Glamour! Only music! Only dancing!
Sophie Ellis-Bextor, withher aristocratic pallor, carmine lips and deep emerald eyes... with such looks, our heroine could easily dominate the catwalks of Europe and America. Yet, to the utter joy of her many fans, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has both striking looks and a beautiful, soulful voice that has largely ensured her success. Singer, DJ, model and a true icon of style: this is all Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Mikhail Plotnikov - Russian TV host, radio host, chef.

As part of the evening reception will be held a charity lottery win by the Life Line Fund.

Клуб-ресторан «D.O.M.»
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Михаил Плотников
Mikhail Plotnikov

1520 Strategic Party

Restaurant “CHAYKA”
(1 Voykova st., Marine station)

Arrival of guests: 20:30
Beginning: 21:00
Dress code: smart casual
Transfer:walking distance from the official Forum hotels

CHAYKA Restaurant: here the Soviet past meets today’s Europe. Delicate Italian furniture lightens even the monumental Soviet Empire style. The summer terrace plunges us into the perfect happiness of a summer resort, affording us an incredible view of the sea, yachts and the city light house.

Toward the 2016 Rio Olympics 
Russia and Brazil have a lot in common! They will host the 2016 Olympics; we hosted the 2014 Olympics! They hosted the 2014 World Cup; we will host the 2018 World Cup. Brazil hosts Formula 1 races, and so do we since 2014. The sun and the sea are the principal symbols of both Rio and Sochi! 
Russia can also host a carnival. Of course, it’s not Rio de Janeiro, but if you can’t go to Rio, Rio can come to you! You will see a Brazil carnival show, Latin dance master classes, a drum show and, of course, you will hear fiery Latin songs.

Andrey Bezoblachny – a professional host at Megapolis 89.5 FM, Moscow’s most fashionable radio station.

Brazil Carnival Show
Drum Show 
Jules Verne band -true romantics of rock and pioneers of drive. 
DJ project Fedor Fomin - famous DJ from Russia.

Ресторан «Чайка»
CHAYKA Restaurant
Бразильское карнавальное шоу
Brazil Carnival Show
Группа Жуль-Верн
Jules Verne band
DJ project Федор Фомин
DJ project Fedor Fomin
Андрей Безоблачный
Andrey Bezoblachny